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Soft Neoprene Desk Mat

Soft & Comfy

Experience a level of comfort like never before with our desk mat's soft and cushioned surface.

Easy To Clean Desk Mat Icon

Easy To Clean

Effortlessly clean your desk mat/mousepad with a simple mix of warm water and dish soap.

Non-Skid Natural Rubber Backing Icon

Non-Skid Backing

A 1/8" thick natural rubber backing, providing reliable grip and keeping your desk mat firmly in place.

Gamer Ready Mouse Pad Icon

Gamer Ready

The perfect desk mat material for precise and quick movements. Take gaming to the next level.

Stain & Water-Resistant Desk Pad Icon

Stain & Water-Resistant

Forget about the hassle of spills and stains. Effortlessly wipe away any liquids and get back to work.

Dye Sublimation Mats Star Icon

High Quality Print

Experience detailed designs on our mouse pads that never fade, thanks to cutting-edge printing techniques.