We love to offer our custom desk mats and mousepads for corporate events or gifts for your guests and/or employees. By selecting Love Desk Mats, you're giving a branded gift that will be used on a daily basis -- make it even more special with personalized names. Every product we print comes with a Promise of Quality. We'll never cut corners and our products are always printed in the USA with the highest quality materials.


Why Choose Us?

  • Save up to 40%
  • MOQ starts at 10 units
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Amazing printing quality, full-color RGB for vivid prints
  • Premium materials - smooth fabric, grippy rubber, seamless or stitched edges
  • In-house production
  • Fast lead times (5-7 business days)
  • Ships Worldwide (FedEx/DHL)


Simply fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure to include the desk mat size (ex: 12x18,14x24,18x36), quantity, and shipping address.